Lake Altoona on Pontoon
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Hanging at Chez Saundra

Our Crazy Monster

Three Kids on A Float

Or is that Matante Jessica in the Middle?


And we all jump in

Splashing and a Laughing

Aran & Hannah on the Tube

Dripping Harry

Our little Goldfish

Tracy off Deck

Row, row, row your boat

Captian of all he surveys

Demure as Ever

Memere & Hannah Noodling Around

Quinton and his Buddies


High Jumpin' Hannah

Memere you could do it, but....

I'm ready for the French Riveria

Getting some mother-daughter love

Who just turned the Gravity down?

Yes, I'm always here

I thought this was my Island

Swimming with the Sharks

Quinton has a real fish on his line

The CrackerBarrel Special on the way home