Oct 2004 Ken & Abi's Wedding in Mts
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Lavishing Abi with Love & Laughs

Zipline Collage

Nature & My Moment

Getting ready to fly


Getting Geared Up

Bridal Zipliner

Feet And Then A Wedding

You do know I'm FIVE, right?

Emily Getting Geared Up

Hanging In The Lodge

Play It Again Samula

Playing It Up


John & April

Front Porch Musicians

Ami Standing Up For Abi

Father Of The Bride


Straightening Of The Train

Their Community

Mother Of The Bride

The Kiss

The Embrace

Mr & Mrs

Their New Life has Begun

Receiving The Bride & Groom

Blessing The Bride

Abi & Ami

A far cry from Munich

Ami & Jess

Ula, can I take you home with me

Aran & Alan talking Father stuff

A Family

Wilderness Bunnies

Wedding Vino

He'S Always Doing This

Cutting The Cake

Alan, Patty & Emily

Just Married

Thousand Year Drips

Catching Cave Bats

Dixie Caverns

Ducking In The Cave

Getting clean from the Cave