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Hooray for  Spain for it did not Rain! 
Okay, okay, on to Spain where we chose to leave France for only two days in order to experience Salvadore Dali’s imagined, visualized and realized museum in Figueres.  And before setting out for the museum, before breakfast, I rose from our bed in a quaint hotel in Roses, took the elevator down, walked across lanes of traffic and dipped 10 fingers and 10 toes into the sand to create a sculpture.  Of course Aran was with me, someone had to take the photo, but once in the sand, near the constant falling of the sea’s waves and the sun upon my back, the sculptress disappeared from the day’s events and “zenned out” or “zenned in,” as time stopped.  As far as the sand sculpture, it’s hard to discern the shape of the large dolphin and mermaid curled into one another, but they were there.  And after breakfast, a shower, and packing up again, we went to say “adios” to my sculpture and together we scattered all the non-pressed petals from the bouquet over my creation.  What a lovely image as our bright, red heart-shaped petals blew across the white and tan sand and onto the blue, green and white waters of the Mediterranean.

Sand Dolphin And Mermaid 1

Sand Dolphin And Mermaid 2

Sand Dolphin And Mermaid 3

Jess Going Poo Poo

Aran Doing Cartwheel
Along the Costa Brava of Spain, we stopped at St. Maria’s Cathedral


Cathedral Gargoyle In Empuries

Mary Mag And Christ 1

Floating Christ
With a powerful display of paintings that definitely owes much to the roads paved by his predecessor’s Goya and Dali. 
You couldn’t miss the Dali Museum, for he had commanded a dozen 20 foot tall eggs to crown the walls of the museum.  Dali himself 25 years ago had converted an old, burnt movie house of his town of origins into the Museum that put Figueres on the map for all time. 

Dali In Figueres 1

Dali In Figueres 2

Titard'S Nest

Dali Museum Entrance

Dali'S Bathroom
Insert a pcard of Museum 
In the all black “secret”bathroom of the museum 
Where did we eat for dinner?  I can’t remember?  Did we ?  
We drove straight from back up the Costa Brava, the name for Spain’s Northern coastline on the Mediterranean and over through France, mostly on the Super highways to find our way to a phone in St. Christol and get specific directions to our next B&B and a nice evening greeting from Monique our most delightful artist -Hostess.

Jessica The Powerful 1
We did stop on the road returning to France  to capture me Standing like another Statue.
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