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A glorious morning in Port Vendres before entering Spain 
Here, I caught up on my sleep as Aran left early to explore the bay and get a cup of café au lait.  When he returned he opened the shutters and let the Sunshine and gentle breezes from the port wake me softly.

Port Verdes Via Two Doors

Port Verdes

Jessica On Diagonals

Jessica Waving
After showing me his goodies from his jaunt, we packed up and went exploring together, starting with an early lunch of Panini de Poulet–mozzarella, rouquefort, etc, vine ripe tomatoes, and chicken breast toasted tight in fresh bakery bread.  Here’s Aran dropping his sugar cube into the espresso cup.

Aran'S Sound Effects

The Turtle Tower

A Moderate Church

We Love You This Much

Fishing Gear

Ferocious Puppy

Sweet Kitty

Waves 1

Aran And Waves Again

Instead of going into an Aquarium, we visited the seafood market filled with eels, lobsters, and snails named after many of the bay villages we had driven through the day before.  What a treat and just in time, they closed only 15 minutes after we arrived, to pack it on ice trucks to ensure all of France would be eating well that night.



The Windy Ocean

Perspective Map Table

Table North

Table South

Aran In The Wind


Light From Above
Then onwards to Spain. 
Last of France. 
Went to these ruins in Roses Spain (b&w shots)
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