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More Horses and Traveling Westward 
I rose early and let sleepyhead catch up on his Zzzz’s. I walked in the fields with the spunky horses, visited the chickens, whistled to the frogs, and pet the cats.

Aran Asleep


Jessica Is A Horsey

Ed The Cow

Horse 1

Horse 3

Aran's Real Parents



Bewitched Cat
Upon my return, while Aran took a happy bath, I finally took my bouquet to the next level, and pressed petals in my journal and his and laid the rest out to dry. 

Wet Aran

Jessica Spreading Peddles
However, I did leave one bud intact to give as a token of good luck and happiness to Ann, who was marrying in April at the Church in Stes Maries.  Ann took Aran and I on a long horse ride through nearby marsh fields and alongside the blustery Rhone tributary as our goodbye before we left and headed west towards the border of Spain.

Aran And Jess On Hay

Jess And The Giant

Yowwy What A Babe

Us And A Penguin

Penguins From Car

Bulls Near Water

More Bulls Near Water

New India Owners


The Wall Of Love
Near the bank that would NOT change our Ben Franklins, for fear our $100 (the only cash we brought) would be counterfeit, Aran jumped out of the car to show me “the love on the wall”.  Oh, he was showing me love everywhere, much of which we need not have left the states to appreciate.  But here in the wall, with life taking root in every deep crevice was a heart almost the size of Aran’s very own.   
Almost every morning upon waking, Aran and I would reminisce on multi-flavored bits of the wedding week.  The sun would rise in the retelling of conversations we had had with our old family, our new family and now, our combined family.  We laughed and giggled at the talent show, we got misty over the tenderness we witnessed being passed from one person to another through out the time in Connecticut.  We exchanged the comments we had collected about each other, about the Quilt, about the wedding, about our Love, and about how much fun everyone had.  We truly understood one of the delights of a vacation right after a wedding. 
More men playing Petanque near a watertower in the town of Jeunesse

Petanque Near Water Tower

Water Tower Woman 4

Tapered Water Tower 1

White Water Tower

Tapered Water Tower 2
Here's other towers Jess spied through out our trip. 
Next pullover stop was at a beach ?

Flying Saucer

Shimmering Water

Layered Mountainscape

Beach Trash
Then finally we hit a little town called Port Vendres.  We would drive up colorful switch backs up a hill/mountain, which might be crowned with a town, but the gearless ride down often revealed a new village wrapping its arms around an aqua blue bay filled with animated boats tethered at port.  Aran liked the character of this fishing village Port Vendres and picked it to spend the night.  Our corner room overlooking the bay was sweet, clean and amazingly only 35 Euro ($31.50 American).

Aran In Wonderland
Aran took yet another bath to wash off a long day that was filled with horseback riding, flamingos, beaches, useless banks and many, many quaint villages.
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