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Stops en route from Aix to the Camargue 
First stop was in Martigues where we found a spot along the bay to eat the lunch that we had gathered back in Aix. We jumped out of our petite car, climbed on to the rocks lining the blue waters, and laid out a spread of succulent strawberries, herbed and moldy goat cheese, and a crusty bagget.  
Another 20 minutes on the road and we stop at a red light at Musee de Morales. An incredible all metal sculpture garden only closed ONE day a week. Mardi ( French forTuesday). But we saw quite a bit from outside the wall. (You rephrase and tell this one too!)

Aran Lunch

Jessica'S Strawberry

Dragon Hungry

Musee Morales And Aran

Twisted Sculpture
And notice the vibrant red in the center of the sign? 
- Yes, that is Jessica's bouquet!
Around 4 in the afternoon we arrived in Port St. Louis sur La Rhone, where we called one of the only two Bed &Breakfasts where we had made reservations. The first two weeks of March are the end of off season and can be quite rainy, but not for us. So all of our places were incredibly cheap and didn't force us to reserve with a Credit Card. Barbara our host, assured us we were very close and gave us specifics to to Mas de Grand Peloux (www.grandpeloux.com). After a bit of windy road through horse fields, we buzzed through the gate and parked at this wonderful converted Farm estate. It was so calm. Barbara and her dogs showed us around a bit and we settled in quite nicely. We would spend two nights here. Which sounded glorious after spending a single night somewhere different all week: Cindy & Pat's in DC, Aran's sister's in Greenwich, Mom & Dad's hotel room, Barbara & my hotel room, the Honeymoon suite at Lord Thompson Manor, the Airplane, Aix, and now finally three days here.

Mas De Grand Peloux 1

Mas De Grand Peloux 3

Sun Bathing Frog Statue
Well, we showered, shaved and set off in search of a quaint restaurant in the nearby town, Port Louis sur le Rhone. We enjoyed a 4 course dinner at Tameris, where we received glasses of champagne on the house to celebrate our Vacance du Nuance - our honeymoon!

Pillow Frog
On our way back to our room we met a visitor that we invited in for a game of Monopoly and a glass of wine before he went on his way and we slept like babies, honeymooning babies that is.
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