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Triple Market Day in Aix-en-Provence 
What a morning! Rising at 7:00 am with no problem because of the time change,

Jess Doing Teeth

Hotel Shower View
I find out as I am taking my shower I can open the window in the stall and start experiencing France as I rinse off. It is the largest city we stayed in. I studied art history, art and French here almost 10 years ago. I'm afraid to see the changes, but excited to share so many delights with Aran. WE ARE ON OUR HONEYMOON!!!!! 
After dressing, we fuel up on a wonderful breakfast and head into the old city. Centuries ago, Aix-en-Provence was once more cosmopolitan than Paris because the most powerful (and art-loving) Cardinal of all of Europe resided there. 
Aix is famous for having hundreds of Fountains speckled throughout the city.

Center Fountain

Destiny Fountain

Market Fountain
Now off to the first of our markets (to our luck and my scheduling, all three markets were open Tuesday morning). The Flower Market is filled with roses of all shades, irises, birds of paradise, and more.

Flame-Tipped Tulips


The Sun Rose in These Lilies

Kid at Market

Then we entered the Fresh Food Market in the square before the Town Hall, which the French call "Hotel de Ville."

Greyed Life

Bannanas and Mattresses

Aran at Market
And now for the "flea market".  Here's a happy couple we ran across in the city. Honeymooners and tourists, just like us. "Hey, she has the same camera you bought me for my 31st birthday!"  This is also the market where we bought mom a table cloth, and Aran bought Jessica soaps from the soup guy.  Only to find Jessica perched up on steps awaiting her HUSBAND.

Our Reflection

Soap Seller

Jessica Watching Market

Jessica Flying
Time to say goodbye to some of the Faces we found in Aix-en-Provence before we move westward to the next destination.




Guys And Fountain 3

Fountain Head Looking
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