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Charles de Gaul Airport & Aix 
Here we are awaiting a flight to Nice in De Gaulle airport, Paris. While here, I bought a travel set of Monopoly, purely for it's collector's value (yeah right), given that it still used French Francs and not Euros. And I also purchased a miniature wind-up bunny rabbit to make Aran perk up and smile (which it did - about twice daily on our trip). And yes, I took my bridal bouquet with me. Well we made it to Nice, and because of the wind and rain the reroute through Paris didn't afford Aran his first glimpse of the Eiffel tower. But he was close. Ha!

Aran Tired in Paris

Holding Bouquet

Jessica Beatiful in Paris
Thankfully the rain didn't follow us to Nice, where after getting through customs, we picked up our rental car and immediately drove to Aix-en-Provence about an hour and a half away. Our trip was not about the Big Cities, but us and the "true culture" of the French.

Aix Hotel Front

Bouquet in Aix Bathroom

We Take Over
(Aran) tell about driving around and finding the hotel and the restaurant: Kir Cassis aperitif and (salmon in pastry and veal chop for me) and CREEPS on the street and our room. Our first "real" Honeymoon Night!
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