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St. Patrick Julius Day 
After a nice drive down from the Quiet Corner of Connecticut, we arrived supposedly 2 hours before our direct flight to Nice at the JFK airport to find that it had been rescheduled and is pulling out of the gate as we stood in our first security line. Stress, stress, scramble! Our only hope of getting out of the airport is a waiting list for the last flight going to Paris (poor us, we have to go to Paris!) that evening. 
To calm ourselves we got some fluids and found a soothing spot to sit the next couple hours. Aran called his Sister, Mom and Cousin for the comfort of, "that sucks," and, "If you don't get on the flight, come spend the night with us." Aran was smiling to hear Elan, Marie, and Louie's voices again. Now Jessica's "one call." She called Adeline to relay the delays to her folks, but also explain another change, that the flight home didn't exist anymore and Jessica and Aran chose to return one day later vs one day earlier.

Our Flower Hands

Aran Plane Tired

Orange Hippo
So we focused on the silver lining of getting an extra day in France to make up for possibly losing this one. Well waiting wasn't good enough, so Jessica strolls on over to the main Delta desk again and starts talking her talk. One blossom from her bouquet and a sympathetic Irish Delta attendant later, we make the flight and completely exhausted, easily fall asleep on the plane after a good hour of smiles and smooching.
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