Gingras Family Reunion 2004
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Roo Burping Ula


Learning how to give Ula a Bath

The Crazy Brothers Deltac

You can try, but you can't get in

A mother daughter moment

What a Glorious Day

Circles: Genealogy, Family & Quilts

Sarah grew up

Alfred & Aran & Ula taking it all in

Harry (& Maddie) in the Craft Tent

Not so quiet in the Quiet tent for Napping & Nursing

Self-Portrait One

Self-Portrait Two

Leo taken by Harrison Deltac

Cheers: Bernice taken by Harrison Deltac

Spirited Todd by Harrison Deltac

Quinton on the Fly

Cindy & the little Mango

Hanging in the Hanger

Giggles & Tickles

Gingras Catching Up

Rose, Nicole & Ula

Beasley's arrive with a Bangin' Banner

Gingras Girls Procession

Honoring the Host & Hostess of 2004

Opening Ceremonies Lawrence Welk Style

Quint & JP in Background

JP is running...

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