CA Adventures Jan - Mar 2005
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TidePool @ Cabrillo Beach

Slinging on the Tidepool Rocks

Slings safely get you EVERYWHERE

Dad showing Ula the Undersea World

Touch Tanks are Great

Lovin' at the Aquarium

Not an Eye, but a Sea Creature

Strollin' in Vee's Cam Pants

Through the Glare

Kids Playing about me

My Magic Hands

Can you see my Great Grandfather in me?

Nature Spell binds me

Softly into Nature

Perfect, isn't she

Me and My Balloon Rose

Giggle Fest

My Play land

Nothing but a World for Ula


Get this angle now

Playing Blowfish out of the Water

Passed out on Mom's Lap

Early Morning Riser

Ashley and Ula

Whatch you talkin' bout Willis?


Tan Playing with Ula

My two new Buddies (Tam & Jeff from Aran's Office)

Feeding Daddy Sushi Rice

Susan Archung Getting down with Ula

Susan Archung

Goodnight to the Oscar Winners


Activity Center of the World

My Valentine's Meal & Oatmeal Raisen Cookies from Oven

Chef Husband doing it ALL

Could it get any better?

Oh, the Bubbly makes me bubbly

Fun Family of Love

Goofin it all off

The Formal Portrait

Valentine-Funny (Model is Sis Saundra)

Ella Natalie & Ula

Ula & Hippo

Natalie, Ella, Liz & Zoie

Les Flamants

Keeping the Sun at Bay

Taming the baby elephant

I had a farm in Africa...

Boy he swam fast

After we cooled off in the Mister

Rhino Nap

Inspired by the Rhino

Zoning in the Zoo

SherKahn showing off

Giraffes, Jessica & Ula

Baby Barana Orangatang

Petting Zoo With Jennifer & Friend I Forgot


What's Going ON?

Our cat's don't have Feathers?

Well, hello there Monsieur Canard!

I am partial to "dark" duck, ha ha ha!

Isn't this the Babe IV audition yard?