Canoga Park Summer 2005
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Strolling to the Aquarium

Here Fishy fishy!!!!

Hi Dori, Where's Nemo?

Long Beach Light House

Picking my own Flower

My Squishy

Texas Holdem

Ice cream sofa nite

Movie Mayhem

It's just a grape, I promise

Heidi & Ula at Grove

After Napkins

Elan's 2nd time around

Three Tier Stackem'

Passed out on Auntie


Hey you Come Hither

Taller than a Tree

I can't see over my branch

I am a Tree

Ball Ya?

More, More More? More?

Happier than a Clam

What - Me?

Ruff & Tumble Love



Grumpy ol Men

Handy Stands

Handy Stands Smiles
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