How Esme Saira came to the Light
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confirmed 4:30 am 5/31/06
We conceived during the May 2006 Seattle wedding weekend of Ula's Godfather.  This pregnancy was just as idyllic as our first, even more so, given that we Aran and I were living in Southern California, we were more financially stable and shared wonderfully connective and separate lives.  I was getting my Master's in Psychology as well as working as a therapist and Aran was meeting every challenge head-on at work and gaining recognition and promotions as a result.  We had carved out our own life together and were also proud parents of a two year old. 
With Ula almost three, there was less time to indulge in this pregnancy, however, when we did, it was rich and full-bodied. One afternoon during Ula's nap, Aran and I sketched the baby and placenta to life upon my belly for all to see what we felt on the inside.  The moment expanded as I stretched out with pillows about me.  I had already rendered an outline of the baby (needed the assistance of a mirror to go below my navel).  I then basked in an unfolding as my husband's hands of love connected us even more deeply to the wondrous being within my belly.

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