Aran's Surprise /Amro's Bon Voyage Party
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Amro & Aran - the Honored

The Birthday Ice Cream Cake w/ Bon Voyage Bon-Bons

Opening a Gift

Teraysa & Jessica

Hanging on the Porch meeting new people

Hanging the Dragon Pinata

Amro goes First

Diona takes a twirl

Diona Spins and spins and spins

Dizzy JC tries to Whack it

Laurence letting the Force Lead him

Push gets spun like a Record

The afianceed Couple - Sonya & Adam

Do you want to hit the Pinata?

Amro & JessicAran

Gettting Love from John Hairston

Margaret & Laurence Vibing

Uncut Party Version

The Fridge as an Art Installation

By my sweet, don't forget me in Dubai

Amro's Memory Book - Filled with Love

Crashed out before the Night was done