4 - 6 Month Ula
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You so funny

Whaccha talkin' 'bout Willis?

Memere Love Squeeze

Gift from Memere

Ula's Godfather Brian Fogle

Matante Saundra Visit

Benjamin Fogle & Ula

Claire's 1 year Birthday (w/ Mommie Cheryl)

One of Claire's Friends

Daddy Richard w/ Birthday Girl

Serenaded by Ugly Flute Boy

Her First Carousel Ride

The movement put her to sleep

Mom's enjoying it anyway

Memere always gets Ula to laugh

Ula reads along with Daddy

Hi ya!


Hayley & Ula at Boudreauxs

Asleep in Memere & Pop-pops backyard

Loving the Autumn Strolls

Mommy & her Puppy Dog

Posing at McAlpine

Ruff ruff Ruff

You're so funny

Under the Veil

oooh la la

A couple of Peas...

...out of the Pod

Plucked from the Garden

Sprinkling Fairy Dust Everywhere

Ashley & Ula taking a Nap

I can do Goofy, see.


Damn I'M Cute


Amro and his Girlfriend

Japanese & Laplander Outfit