August 2008
Thus far we've gone to the Bay area to visit family. Two letterboxes en route.
March 2008
January 2008
December 2007
Here is our Christmas themed month of love and fun. Miss you ALL!
November 2007
Visits to LegoLand, visit back East to Memere and Pop pops for Thanksgiving and La Jolla with AuntiElan.
October 2007
What a month! This was the month that Beth & Jeff got married and we got to visit with alot of Meusers. This was also a fun month of Bugaboos.
September 2007
Not alot of shots this month, as we lost the recharger in Las Vegas last month at the wedding. Hopefully we didn't lose anything else, but it was Vegas, who knows!
August 2007
Disney with the Davidsons, Alyssa & David's Wedding in Las Vegas, a visit to Auntie Elan's new pad in LA, and the usual artsy fartsy fun about the house
Gingras Family Reunion July 2007
With another newborn in tow to supply the maternal vibes in the Gingras Clan, we were off to Mount Vernon Ohio for another Family Reunion.
Camping Montana De Oro
We tooled up the coast to Montana De Oro for the girls first tent-camping experience. It was a flaming success: bobcat, coyote, racoon, sea otters, tidepools & marshmallows!
May 2007
April 2007
March 2007
February 2007
How Esme Saira came to the Light
This is Jessica's birthstory of an unassisted or Freebirth Homebirth with Aran.
January 2007
December 2006
November 2006
September 2006
August 2006
July Charlotte Visit
June 2006
The month Jessica has off from school, but Aran goes to Chicago and ends with Jessica & Ula going to visit family back in Charlotte.
May 2006
April 2006
Canoga Park Summer 2005
What a wonderful summer full of visits and adventure!
NYC to Celebrate Elan
Amongst family & friends, to celebrate Elan's Graduation from NYU in style!
NoCa May 2005
Mill Valley w/ Meusers and Santa Rosa w/ Clarys
California Spring 2005
Charlotte, May 2005
Visit the Deltac Homestead, Cabin Days & a wedding
Cindy's Blessing Way
Ula & Jessica spend 4 days with Julii in DC
CA Adventures Jan - Mar 2005
Family Visits
Move to California
NYC Halloween 2004
Asheville Oct 2004
Oct 2004 Ken & Abi's Wedding in Mts
At the Wilderness Adventure Lodge in New Castle, VA
4 - 6 Month Ula
Getting Cuter and Cuter everyday
Aran's Surprise /Amro's Bon Voyage Party
A Bon Voyage party for Amro (boo-hoo), but it was also his Surprise 26 Party
Renaissance Fest with Folks
Ula's 1st time at NC Ren Fest and Jessica's PDS highschool reunion
Grandpa Bob's CA Spirit
In his passing he brought all of us together!
Lake Altoona on Pontoon
All Deltac's (except Saundra) played on, near and over Jeff's new boat! What a wonderful Day!
Gingras Family Reunion 2004
Over 80 smiling + hugging relatives set in Mount Vernon Ohio
Two - Four Months for Ula
I can't believe how fast she is growing. We aren't letting a moment slip by us!
Ula's early weeks!
The first few weeks of Üla's light, sound, and wind life.
Ula's Beginning
This is how natural birth can be if you believe in your body and those around you! What a way to start a life!
How Ula came to be Homebirthed
The closest thing to a birthstory that Jessica ever wrote about her first birth.
See the Bump Grow!
New Years 2004
When the Atlanta Deltacs come into town - it's always a Blast!
Fall 2003
We went alot of Places and saw alot of Faces!
August 2003 Jennifer's Wedding
The weekend we told everyone we were pregnant!
Aran's First Ski Jan 2003
Aran was skiing like a pro by the middle of the day! What fun in the Mts of North Carolina!!!
Winter 2002
Autumn 2002
Summer 2002
California Trip
Jess's meets Aran's Family! Everyone was OK w/ the match - Thank Goodness - wedding in 2 months!
We have finally posted the first bit of our photos!
Slide Scans
Transfered from the slides Aran's Dad took back in the day!
Wee Aran
Me (Aran) when I was a little one.
Little Jessica
Born a Yankee, but Raised in the South - this little Tinkerbelle just warms your heart.
July 2008
4th of July, Playdates, Skirball Museum and more
April 2008
May 2008
June 2008
July 2008
Silkworms 2008
PlayGroup 2008
This is the playgroup of other like-minded folks we were fortunate to meet and share all the fun of learning and loving together this year. There is alot, so hold on to your hats!